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Vacqueyras. An AOC from the South of the Rhône Valley, born of the Mistral wind and the sun. A unique, slightly secret and rare “terroir”, nestling at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail Mountains. A vineyard that stands slightly removed from the crowd but with a wine that conquers, whose recognition is growing, and that travels far beyond its borders. Driven by a passion for work well done, respect for the land and its history, a century of men’s and women’s wine growing experience. And the key to its success, the nobility of an uncommon “terroir”, laid out in bright terraces, where the grape varieties which represent the Rhone Valley give the best of themselves, concentrated in low yields.

Drawing its strength from this “terroir”, Vacqueyras is surprising for the balance of its wines, the white and rosé as well as the red. A balance made of character and finesse. We wish to share these wines with all drinkers looking for truth and emotion.

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You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate Vacqueyras. Simply be curious about life, take interest in the taste of real things and be adventurous. It’s about a state of mind rather than knowledge.
Fortunately they are ever more numerous, these explorers looking for wines which are well made, well bred, reflecting a culture and a “terroir”. Wine drinkers whose life is guided by a search for balance and measure. Who are strong enough to resist the facile and the futile.

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The art of living and achieving balance are not new principles in Vacqueyras. These values have always guided the behaviour of the producers. For them, the beauty of a wine lies in its balance and character. At Vacqueyras, blending produces powerful wines which certainly have strong character, but whose unique freshness and finesse always set them apart from other wines from the region. “Strength and balance”, this is the formula that sums up what Vacqueyras’ wines are all about. They are born of an exceptional “terroir” as well as of the high standards of the producers.

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Key figures
  • Attained « cru » status : 22 February 1990
  • Appellation’s surface area : 1461 hectares
  • Production : 44,592 hectolitres (2003-2010 average)
  • One of the lowest yields in France : 30 hectolitres
  • Number of cooperative wineries : 5
  • Number of private wineries : 80
  • Number of wine merchant houses : 32
  • Colour split : 96% red wines, 3% white wines, 1% rosé wines.